If in short - IT BRO - these are squad for your WEB projects.

IT BRO - it is the team of Ukrainian veterans, who after the transition to civilian life found themselves in programming.

We have transferred values and rethinking of different things since the war times in our work - it is in the support of our customers (if there is enough ammunition), in our constant development (at the war we tried to learn new weapons, that were available), in actualization ‘’here and now’’ (what kind of a second, a moment for you is it now?). And moreover, you know, when at the war you hold a hundred meters of the front line, and you know, that’s enormous level of actualization. When we are engaged in the development of the web project, it’s not exactly the same, but we feel the similar pattern of responsibility.

The previous experience left an imprint on our vectors: except commercial development (our priority is to design projects, that create new opportunities for the environment // and we don’t deal with the russians and other aggressors), we provide 2 streams of courses for our brothers in arms (for free; during this time more than 250 veterans from different departments and different parts of Ukraine have attended the courses, and part of these veterans has already found work).

Moreover, we have social projects - we launched a grant for young scientists in 2019; and right now - we support volunteers in different regions, who, together with business companies provide pandemic risks readiness of health facilities.

In all projects we try to transform entropy into environment-friendly and useful projects and decisions, we try to find new significances; and in the implementation we try to delve into the essence in order to open up positioning, character, emotions and stories, products, people, tools as much as possible.

We are open to cooperation in web development and ready to work with other web studios, designers and developers. You can write about your direction, characteristic features, previous story of development (if there is such a story), about specification of the technical task, design. Or you can just write, why it is particular for you and how do you want to change the world around you with the help of it :)