Pandemic isn’t interested, how much medical facilities in your country are provided. And in the world there remains a great differentiation in the equipment of hospitals in different countries.

We are Ukrainian team IT BRO - and we offer the web solution for the transforming of the panic and fear into constructive and logical actions. Theodore Roosevelt said: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”. And we helped The Poltava Volunteer Group - to launch the web portal, which highlights the needs of healthcare facilities for the region and unites around the project local business companies and volunteers. Web portal for Poltava here

You add the list of needs of healthcare facilities in your city or region

Show the objective needs, information about which should be obtained from the medical institutions, to the business, government and volunteers. You visualize the amount of bought and ordered equipment according to the needs (on your own language)

Visualize business and organisations, which joined in to help

You enlarge the number of organisations and business companies, that join the volunteering movement, and tell about their help (on your own language)

You add the application forms and important links to the web site.

Questionnaire for volunteers, questionnaire for organisations and business companies, that want to help. Links to the involved organisations" and other useful and important information (on your own language)

We help you, you help the world to stop and defeat pandemic.

Now we offer this ready solution for the volunteer organisations from other countries, which are in real need of this.

1. Leave the application on the our web site
2. Confirm your volunteering activity.
3. And in a short time we help you to start and develop a similar web portal, for your region, where you inform the citizens about the needs of hospitals and healthcare facilities and unite people around not panic, but the real task of helping. With the help of web portal you tell about your successful accomplishments, local business companies and organisations, which joined in. You coordinate the work of volunteers, add and share another important information.

You are the volunteer organisation, that helps health facilities in your region?